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Podcasts: Canadaland Canadaland is a Toronto-based podcast created by Jesse Brown, a journalist who is pioneering the next evolution of Canadian journalism by living it. Mr. Brown’s greatest claim to fame is that he broke the Jian-Ghomeshi-violent-sex story with the Toronto Star, but his journalism and achievements extend beyond that.

Podcasts: Here’s the Thing

If you are interested in podcast listening, it is almost impossible not to find some to your liking. By happy chance, I learned of Here’s The Thing, a WNYC podcast hosted by Alec Baldwin. I had known of Baldwin as actor, Oscar host and Trump impersonator. What I discovered was …

Podcasts—the new old medium

Podcasts have become an interesting new/old media phenomenon. While they seem to be the new de rigeur form, they arguably date from electronic media’s second-oldest form: radio. (The first is the telegraph.) Radio talk shows—in the form of interviews, dialogues or monologues—have been industry staples forever.