Media Literacy and the McLuhan Legacy

“Is not the essence of education civil defense against media fallout? (Marshall McLuhan The Gutenberg Galaxy, p. 294).” The mLab (Toronto Media Lab) associated with Children’s Own Media Museum and the St. Michael’s College Science Association together with the following organizations: the McLuhan Legacy Network, the Marshall McLuhan Centre for …

The Right to be Forgiven

A frequent feature of 21st-century political campaigns has involved researching candidates’ online activities in hopes of finding damaging data that might be used against them.

This is not going to end well

In this post, Geoffrey Winship reflects on the complex relationship we have with celebrity. What expectations do we have with regard to celebrities?   How might this disturbing pattern—too common of late—be changed? Do we need to re-think the culture of celebrity? Do we need to re-think our relationships with …

Canadaland as Witness

Canadaland provides a compelling, ongoing struggle in trying to answer the question, “What do ‘journalism’ and ‘journalist’ mean in an always-on, omnipresent, citizen-journalist, participatory culture?”