Media Literacy and the McLuhan Legacy

“Is not the essence of education civil defense against media fallout?

(Marshall McLuhan The Gutenberg Galaxy, p. 294).”
The mLab (Toronto Media Lab) associated with Children’s Own Media Museum and
the St. Michael’s College Science Association together with the following organizations:
the McLuhan Legacy Network, the Marshall McLuhan Centre for Culture and Technology, the Book and Media Students Association, and the Math Student’s Union.
will present

A Media Literacy Panel:

Media Literacy and the McLuhan Legacy

on November 26, 2015 at 4:30 pm
in the Charbonel Lounge in Elmsely Hall (81 St. Mary Street) on the St. Michael’s College campus.
Panelists will include:
Neil Andersen (Association for Media Literacy);
Carol Arcus (Association for Media Literacy);
Paolo Granata (McLuhan Fellow, McLuhan Centre for Culture and Technology);
Alex Kuskis (Gonzaga University);
Bob Logan (St. Michael’s College Fellow + University of Toronto Physics);
John Pungente (Jesuit Communications Project and St. Michael’s College)
with Arthur McLuhan (York University) as the moderator

Our panel of experts in education, media and McLuhan studies will discuss how the McLuhan Legacy can inform media literacy.
The mLab, which grew out of the Children’s Own Museum, is co-chaired by Arthur McLuhan and Emily McLuhan who are cousins and grandchildren of Marshall McLuhan.

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