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EULA Project Background
Agency is knowledge in action.
All apps and services have EULAs. A few are written in concise, friendly language separated into well-organized categories. Most run several pages and present arcane legal language. Add to that the idea that they are frequently updated, and it is no wonder that even those of us who endeavor to read the EULAs give up and mindlessly click the “Agree” button.
The AML has worked with two sets of students to produce an ongoing series of EULAs in Plain Language. First, we identified the most-used media apps or services. Then, we asked volunteer law students (Pro-Bono Students of Canada) to identify EULA passages that put users at risk and translate these passages into plain language. The passages were re-written in Q&A formats. Finally, the Q&As were designed as posters by Graphic Arts students at Toronto’s Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts. Seven posters (see below) are now ready for distribution, with more to come.
The AML hopes that the posters will travel far and wide, sparking conversations and behaviours that will raise users’ awareness and agency in their uses of electric communications.
EULA Posters

Bell EULA Image Bell Media End User Licence Agreement   Bell Cora (420 downloads)

Snapchat EULA ImageSnapchat End User Licence Agreement  Snapchat Cora (602 downloads)

Instagram EULA ImageInstagram End User Licence Agreement  Instagram EULA (691 downloads)

Twitter EULA ImageTwitter End User Licence Agreement  Twitter EULA (484 downloads)

Rogers EULA ImageRogers End User Licence Agreement  Rogers (344 downloads)

Facebook EULA ImageFacebook End User Licence Agreement  Facebook EULA (539 downloads)