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Singing Nun on Italy’s The Voice

A viral video has circulated showing a young nun singing an Alicia Keys song on Italy’s The Voice. It makes for a wonderful discussion topic. The facial/body reactions of the 4 judges to the nun’s identity is highlighted in the video. Each is dumbfounded/confounded upon discovering the source of the …

Random Acts of Kindness on Youtube

. Random Acts of Kindness on Youtube Three Toronto men have posted a Youtube video in an attempt to remix and re-direct the one-upmanship format of neknominations (binge drinking on camera). In neknominations, people drink alcohol in extreme situations, then challenge friends to best them within a day or two.

Canada 150 Logos

The Canadian graphic arts community has been discussing design ideas for Canada’s upcoming 150th Anniversary. Some designers are dissatisfied with the original prototype designs and have created what they consider to be better versions. Here are the original five.

Dumb Ways to Die

A wonderful text has appeared from Melbourne in the form of a PSA whose intent is to warn people—and especially teens—to be careful around trains. The PSA presents a series of different deaths, accompanied by a simple pop tune and lyric describing each method of dying. The melody is a …

Reason and Emotion

Reason and Emotion is a Walt Disney propaganda video (1943) that is a rich text for a variety of reasons. For one, ask it reveals a sample of the kind of propaganda being produced to encourage people to support WW2. Hitler is presented in a range of clever graphic representations, …

Olympic Torch in Space

  The Olympic Torch was passed between 2 cosmonauts during a space walk outside the International Space Station. This event, and the video,  photos and articles that recorded it, raise many questions about representation and marketing.