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On Maps, the New Renaissance, and Media Literacy: A Response to the Ideas of Chris Kutarna

by Carol Arcus “It’s the best possible time to be alive, when almost everything you thought you knew is wrong.” – Tom Stoppard “Societies have always been shaped more by the nature of the media with which people communicate than by the content of the communication.” – Marshall McLuhan Canadian Chris Kutarna …

The Cartoon Universe – Atomic Ian Reporting for Duty

It’s always good as a teacher to revisit the ground upon which you have previously tread (1) and to reflect upon the extent to which you have dug below the surface, shifted direction, or gone in circles. So when I was asked to update an article that I wrote about cartoons (2) three years ago, I thought it would be, if nothing else, edifying. In doing so, I discovered that over the course of that time, I haven’t changed my attitude towards cartoons but actually feel stronger about their potential use in the classroom. But I have learned a few things!