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Chromebits and Critical Media Literacy

A useful critical media literacy skill is to identify and reflect upon the assumptions that a media text is making about its audience. Google and Asus will release the Chromebit in the summer of 2015. The device is a Chrome PC-on-a-stick that plugs into a monitor’s or TV’s HDMI port. …

Elephants and Sex

  It is very curious that, drugs with all the sturm und drang that accompanied the long-overdue release of Ontario’s Sex Education/Health Curriculum, check no one acknowledged the elephants in the room. Yes, elephants plural. There are at least two, which might help us understand some of the alarm. Armand …

Supporting Literature and Media Literacy Learning

I was helping a tutee complete an online Shakespeare assignment. The task was very good at encouraging analysis and reflection. It asked students to select a scene from a movie adaptation of the play and explain how the scene used cinematic devices to help viewers understand and appreciate its meanings.

Why is media literacy the most essential skill?

. This infographic provides convincing evidence why media literacy is the single most important skill to understand and succeed in our current mediated environments. As you explore it, ask yourself: What do I and/or my students/children know about the codes and conventions, viagra 100mg user agreements, and ethics of using …