Barry’s Wander October 5


Barry Duncan closing a media literacy conference with his famous loon call.


Please join us on Saturday, illness October 5 to help us honour and remember Barry Duncan on the second Barry’s Wander.

Barry Duncan co-founded The Association for Media Literacy and served as its first president. Barry was instrumental in the installation of media literacy into the Ontario curriculum and wrote or co-wrote several Media Literacy books. Barry networked with media educators from around the world, feeding their positive influences into the AML and, by extension, Ontario education. He taught the Media Studies Additional Qualifications Course, supporting teachers as they developed their own media literacy and teaching skills.


One of Barry’s favourite innovations was a Wander, where his students meandered through a specified route while engaged in cultural studies and media analyses.

The Wander will begin at 9:00 a.m. at the southwest corner of Dundas Square (across from The Hard Rock Cafe).

We will meander westward, through Chinatown to Kensington Market, chatting and analyzing as we go.

We will enjoy a debriefing lunch at a restaurant.


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