Barry’s Wander 2015

Please join us September 27!


Barry Duncan, story the founding president of The Association for Media Literacy (AML), doctor was a local, national and international provocateur, advocating and innovating media literacy education for over 40 years. Barry guided the efforts of the Association, fostered sister associations in other provinces, forged fruitful relationships with media educators around the world, produced several resources and taught Media Studies Additional Qualifications courses. Barry died in June, 2012.

Of his many contributions to media literacy learning, the most effective—if not the most fun—was the Mall Crawl or City Walk. Participants perambulated along a predetermined route, applying media analyses and critical thinking skills to their environments, whether architecture, signage, sounds, merchandise, traffic or fellow pedestrians. The value of the wanders lay in their acknowledgment that the seemingly banal and everyday aspects of our lives are potentially rich cultural texts deserving of examination and reflection.

Barry was a friend and mentor to many AML members, and so we remember him with a wander in his honour. Please join the AML directors for the fourth Barry’s Wander at 10:00 a.m. September 27, 2014.

You may have been on wanders before, perhaps with Barry. Or you may enjoy the opportunity to wander and talk with others who share your enthusiasm for media literacy.

This year we will wander some of Barry’s favourite haunts. We will meet at Philosopher’s Walk (Bloor St. west of the ROM), then enjoy conviviality as we make our way south through a variety of compelling Toronto locations, finishing at Word on the Street. You are welcome to join us for lunch or pursue other delights.

We hope to see you there to remember Barry and refresh your own enthusiasm for media literacy education. We invite you to bring a recording device (smartphone, camera, sound recorder) to document your walk experience and hopefully add your impressions to the AML website.

The route:

Start: Philospher’s Walk & Bloor walking south

Hoskin to Tower Road

Tower Road to Hart House Circle

—> King’s College Circle

—> King’s College Road

—> College to MCaul

—> McCaul to Grange Road

Grange Park to Stephanie and John Sts.
—> Front St. W.
—> Rogers Centre

—> Roundhouse and Steamwhistle Brewery
lower simcoe
Lower Simcoe to Queen’s Quay/Harbourfront

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