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November 2013

Talkin’ Misbehaviour

.   How might parents and teachers discuss leaders’ questionable role modeling? Parents and teachers work very hard to encourage positive social values. They constantly discuss appropriate behaviours in a variety of situations to help their children successfully navigate challenges in their classroom, generic extracurricular and online lives. (you can …

Olympic Torch in Space

  The Olympic Torch was passed between 2 cosmonauts during a space walk outside the International Space Station. This event, and the video,  photos and articles that recorded it, raise many questions about representation and marketing.  

The Medium is the Message, Mr. Ford

Most people know that the Toronto Police released a 474-page report on October 31, 2013 that describes their ongoing investigations of Rob Ford’s activities as well as the activities of several of his associates during spring, 2013. There was an instant uproar across all news media, including the Twittersphere and …

Making Disconnections

I am struggling with a disconnect. I just heard about a malware app that compresses all of your files and then holds you ransom for a password that will unlock and restore them. The people behind the malware take their payment in moneypaks or bitcoins. They are extorting millions of …