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May 2013

When truth doesn’t matter

Rob Ford has been accused by Gawker and the Toronto Star of making prejudicial remarks about minorities and Justin Trudeau while smoking crack cocaine. The charges may only be allegations, buy but it doesn’t matter. The effects—on Ford and on Toronto—are the same whether the allegations are fact or fiction.

Chris Hadfield—the media literate astronaut

Astronaut Chris Hadfield’s activities while commander of the International Space Station provide a wonderful case study in media literacy. Commander Hadfield used a variety of media and communications technologies to affect several changes in Canadians’ awareness and attitudes towards earth, ecology, space, music, culture and science.

Zombies sell Escape

A web movie uses a zombie attack to showcase several features of the Ford Escape. You can see it below. Which features do you notice presented in this spot? Zombie attacks are usually represented as occurring at night to enhance their horribleness. Why do you think this one occurs in …

Fear du Jour

Cory Antonini, Tech Support Teacher, Regina School Board   How many times to you hear the phrase “in this time of economic uncertainty” from both the American and Canadian governments? This seems to be the current Weapons of mass destruction phrase.

Now That’s PD!

  What a fantastic end to a rough week. I had the opportunity to attend EdCamp Hamilton, thumb coming off the back end of several heated discussions around the organization and attendance of a focus group held by Pearson. I had taken issue with the fact that some people were …

Real Beauty Sketches by Dove

  Dove’s new ad campaign embeds the value of recognizing and appreciating one’s own natural beauty, and may be successful for those who are feeling insecure in the looks department. This ad has considerable power to persuade, partly due to its deft use of fades, music, and emotional narrative. Like Dove’s earlier ad that …

Bomb Girls Defused

. Global Television has cancelled Bomb Girls by pretending that a made-for-TV movie tying up plot ends is good news. The cancellation is for the usual reasons: low ratings. Lots of other shows have been cancelled for low ratings and some have been famously supported until they could build an …