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February 2013

Media Literacy Triangle

  The Media Literacy Triangle was presented to the AML by Eddie Dick of the Scottish Media Council. The triangle is a graphic framework that facilitates and organizes discussions and analyses. Some people find the list of items ambitious and hard to understand. For these people, purchase we suggest the …

Media Literacy Triangle with Questions

  This graphic presents questions that mobilize the items on the Media Literacy Triangle. Do NOT engage all the questions at any one time. Select one or two at most from each side in any given discussion. Select a different set of questions in subsequent discussions of other texts.  

Volkswagen Game Day 2013 ad

  Get Happy. Buy a Volkswagen. The 2013 Volkswagen Superbowl ad asks us to “Get In and Get Happy.” I couldn’t resist a smile when watching this, but couldn’t resist a rigorous deconstruction either. The image of drone workers dragging themselves into a grey office on a Monday morning to …

Media literacy is NOT gun control

As sure as there have been instances of terrible gun violence, there are more lurking in the future. The only question is, ‘How many more will occur—how many more innocents will die—before effective action is taken?’