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January 2013

A Lesson in Bias

The following article by Lewis Lapham is clearly an opinion piece, a guest column, yet appeared on the front page, which has been traditionally reserved for hard news. Students might debate its placement on the front page and suggest a more appropriate placement. There is also a subtle advert in the credit line, which informs readers of Lewis Lapham’s timely book release. Is this an opinion piece or a promotion?

Putting Audience Theory to Work

Audience theory is part of a broad postmodern approach to textual studies, sometimes called the ‘cultural studies’ approach, which examines works itself as cultural phenomena – a consequence of various cultural factors, with meanings that shift according to both the writer’s and reader’s cultural position and perspective. Meanings shift and “reality” becomes a relative term, so that romance fiction, for example, can be simultaneously a racial discourse, a misogynistic conceit, and a tale of the working class.

Creating Parody Ads

To demonstrate an understanding that ads tell ½ truths about the product
To increase awareness that ads are designed to deliver specific messages to consumers
Thinks reflectively and creatively to evaluate situations and solve problems (CGE3c)
Makes decisions in light of gospel values with an informed moral conscience (CGE3d)
Works effectively as an interdependent team member (CGE5a)