• From Memphis to Missouri: Voices and Echoes

    Blog post by Laurie Townshend with extension activities by Michelle Solomon The U.S. Civil Rights Movement reached a peak in the 1960’s with widespread reactions to systemic racism boiling over into protests that were both violent and non-violent. At the heart of these protests that marked an entire era in …

    Image #2: I Am A Man

Media Studies Supporting English

Following are the handouts for the workshop at Unionville High School. Find the Eight Key Concepts here: keycon2015 Find the non-narrative text patterns chart here: nonnarrative text patternsB Find the storyboard template here: storyboard

Stromae – carmen

Carmen is an animated music video comment on social media, specifically referencing Twitter. It makes strong and unequivocal statements about the effects of social media on society.

This Is a Generic Brand Video

Produced by Dissolve, a stock footage company, to promote its catalog of video clips, this video can be read differently by different …

TV Tutorial

Turn on TV Press HOME on remote. Select Netflix, etc. To share photos from iPhone to TV: Select Photo Share Start Photo …