• From Memphis to Missouri: Voices and Echoes

    Blog post by Laurie Townshend with extension activities by Michelle Solomon The U.S. Civil Rights Movement reached a peak in the 1960’s with widespread reactions to systemic racism boiling over into protests that were both violent and non-violent. At the heart of these protests that marked an entire era in …

    Image #2: I Am A Man

TV Tutorial

Turn on TV Press HOME on remote. Select Netflix, etc. To share photos from iPhone to TV: Select Photo Share Start Photo Share Select DIRECT etc. in Wi-Fi Settings Input password Right Arrow to Continue Open URL in a browser Share Photos

Elephants and Sex

  It is very curious that, with all the sturm und drang that accompanied the long-overdue release of Ontario’s Sex Education/Health Curriculum, no one acknowledged the elephants in the room. Yes, elephants plural. There are at least two, which might help us understand some of the alarm. Armand Grobler